Accredit Akademi,

is the new brand of BİRİZMİR Group Co., which was built in 2019 by aiming to carry out educational activities independently.

As Accredit Academy, we have added new training activities to our company every day and with our extended training staff, we continue to adapt our equipped classrooms to technological developments. In accordance with the laws and international standards of our country, in addition to corporate training, evaluating individual demands and updating itself continuously, it organizes trainings adapted to the needs of the day.

 In addition to the basic trainings which are important in terms of establishing occupational health and safety awareness, trainings are given in technical and theoretical subjects that will contribute to the professional life experience. It continues its services with its growing education staff and expanding education fields.



Is become a, Turkey's most comprehensive, working with expert instructors and supervisors of the area and to become one of the most preferred auditing and training centers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to the education, which is one of the most important values of humanity, in contemporary standards, by bringing a current and holistic understanding of knowledge; to be able to carry out important duties in leading companies, to respect the values of society and to bring individuals to our country and sector. At the same time, the 3rd party is to provide the sustainability required by the companies with the professional and holistic approach.

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