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With the aim of becoming a leader in its field, İzmir Governance and Training Company provides job security supervision and training services for the needs of various projects and enterprises. With its experienced and field-trained academic staff, it carries out independent governances in the field of occupational health and safety with its analysis and reporting activities.

With its academic education staff, it organizes trainings in the well-equipped education classes, in accordance with laws and international standards, which also evaluate and improve individual demands as well as corporate trainings.


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In addition to the basic trainings which are important in terms of establishing occupational health and safety awareness, trainings are given in technical and theoretical subjects that will contribute to the professional life experience. It continues its services with its growing education staff and expanding education fields.

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In order to have more insight into the size and depth of our activities at national and international level, we invite you to review our references section and then to our company.

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